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2012-12-03 23:50:51 by BassCrazi

If you haven't heard of Trapstyle here you go!!!

You can thank me later!

An iPhone app maybe?

2012-07-07 02:39:38 by BassCrazi

Newgrounds needs an iPhone app! Damn it Tom I demand you make one! Please? No okay :'(

Tell me what you think?

Oh my...

2012-06-18 01:23:02 by BassCrazi

Summer is just eating my time up!
New songs coming soon!

Share some GoodSongs??

2012-03-03 21:44:29 by BassCrazi

I'm tired of hearing the same shit over & over in my iPod,
Can any of you share some nice songs?

I need Feedback!

2012-03-03 19:01:26 by BassCrazi

I need some feedback on whether I should finish it or not.
I need something!!!!

It ended up tasting like SHIT!

Show some Newgrounds Love!

2012-02-18 23:33:48 by BassCrazi

Check out my New Song I just uploaded!
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2012-02-17 23:03:31 by BassCrazi

If you're not familiar with KNIFEPARTY!

Just Sharing ;)

Cool story bro. . .

2012-02-17 20:32:22 by BassCrazi

When do you get to the part where you STFU!!!